Here at PetFriendlyHotels we are doing things differently.

There are countless directory websites out there promoting various pet friendly accommodation in a very similar way. They do that well enough, so why should we?

PetFriendlyHotels is a category defining name in pet friendly hotel and pet friendly accommodation.

This means we simply can’t – or more to the point – won’t just be another directory.

Our users need to know that the pet friendly hotels featured on this website are truly, madly, deeply pet friendly. Not pet tolerant, not even ‘pet’s allowed’. No. The properties featured on PetFriendlyHotels must be 100% pet friendly.

Pets are member’s of the family. So we have made the decision that the only properties we’re willing to featured on PetFriendlyHotels must be the best of the best when it comes to catering for pet friendly holidays and vacations.

No compromises.

If you would like to promote a pet friendly property that meets our criteria, please get in touch.